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My Camera

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

So this is my first blog on my website. What do I write about ...

I thought I would start with my camera equipment that I use and why I have what I have. I will start by talking about my camera body, the Canon 5D Mark IV. I only recently purchased this camera, upgrading from a Canon 7D Mark II. Why the upgrade? The main motivation was from my partner, Alison. She recently became interested in Photography and wanted her own upgrade from her Canon 700D. She had used my 7D a number of times and was looking for something comparable. So, while searching the market for something for her I came to the conclusion that something similar to the 7D Mark II was in fact the 7D Mark II. So she duly inherited the camera.

I was now left with an obvious problem, I didn't have a camera! So my search for a replacement began. I of course started looking at the 1DX Mark II, it had a similar frame rate as the 7D Mark II, was a full frame camera, but was way too expensive! I eventually started looking at the 5D Mark IV. The Mark IV was a full frame camera, which would be ideal for my low light photography, the shutter rate is 8fps, which is little slower than the 7D Mark II (which is 10fps). The shutter speed concern me, as one of the great things with the 7D Mark II was the ability to get sharp images of birds in flight, which the shutter speed definitely helps with. I decided to hire a 5D Mark IV and put it to the test. The test was very successful, the controls where close to the same as what I was used to on the 7D Mark II so there was no relearning to have to be done. Although I noticed the slower shutter speed, I was still able to capture my birds in flight.

So there you have it, I was able to find a second hand 5d Mark IV with only 2500 shutter actuations for a reasonable price and haven't looked back since.

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